A special coffee history:

Noracta has started a coffee project through the network Daraja La Tumaini (Bridge of Hope). The idea is to introduce coffee as a natural social drink among the poor through the network of small churches in the slums of Nairobi. Today there is almost no coffee in Nairobi’s slums. We are trying to break the code to make a change, but we are not fully there. We are trying to introduce “church coffee” in the small churches to create a community drink that may eventually spread to homes and simple coffee shops in the slums. We hope coffee is going to replace the dangerous liquor made illegally in slum areas and strong beer in which lots of people are seeking solace. Studies show that many families have at least one alcoholic. If it is the husband it means a catastrophic draining of family resources and is one of the key reasons they are unable to climb out of poverty. Under our slogan: “The poor deserve the best coffee,” Noresa Ltd buys quality coffee from the farm Fairview Estate. Fairview is a quality farm treating their coffee pickers well. The owners of the farm have great interest in the work we are doing and are stable suppliers of quality coffee.

Furahia Kaffe – Norway

Fairview Estate is a pure unblended and selected Arabica coffee. It is grown in the fertile soil up into the mountains at 1700 m altitude just outside Nairobi in Kenya; where it grows slowly and gathers its unique personal wealth of taste. We import this lush and full-bodied coffee straight from the farm, but roast and grind it ourselves here at Sørlandet, adapted to Norwegian taste and water in cooperation with Torungen Coffee.

Taste yourself, close your eyes and you know how the clean rich coffee flavor reminds you of a fresh wine combined with the same fruitiness that you find in good ripe red berries and a mild, but dark chocolate. That’s why we in Swahili call it Furahia; meaning Enjoyment. That is what it is, a pure and real taste pleasure.

Noresa Limited is a company set up to support Noracta Foundation’s work in slum areas of Nairobi.

By buying Furahia coffee you are helping to support this important work in Nairobi.

Furahia coffee is currently for sale at some coffee shops in Southern Norway and by contacting Noracta.

Furahia Coffee – Kenya

Kenya is one of the world leaders when in it comes to coffee production, and still Kenyans drink surprisingly little volume of coffee. Most of the coffee is exported from the country. Kenyan coffee is known of its good taste and fullness, something we in the West enjoy with great gusto. For us coffee is in the highest degree a social drink while unfortunately, in one of the home countries of coffee, like Kenya often stronger drinks dominate. Working for coffee as a substitute of stronger drinks, we will simultaneously help to seal a big monetary drain of those struggling with alcoholism. The reality is that for too many most of the little they earn goes to strong beer and dangerous liquor. This is for many a major factor keeping them away of the road out of poverty for themselves and their families.

Noracta started with church coffee and we have already an arena we can continue working on. We are trying to break the code of how this can best be done, but we are  not quite there yet.