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Church is more than worship

Noracta is using a development model which Hans Nielsen Hauge used 200 years ago in Norway. We combine education, spiritual and social support with economic assistance and competance. We give poor people in the slums opportunity to start their own businesses. Small congregations are developed to be both spiritual and practical fellowships of friends and hotbeds for the development of business activities. The model which worked at Hauge`s time,  works in Nairobi’s slums today.

The legacy of Hauge

Noracta has developed good procedures of decentralized training, where we try to turn the mindset by spreading Hauge values.

We conduct regular training based on the Haugian values ​​through:
Leadership training.
Pastoral care.
Savings and Personal Economy
We do this training at Hauge Seminars where participants through presentations and group discussions are getting theoretical and practical introduction to the Haugian values ​​and how they affect their everyday lives. The participants are supposed to bring those values ​​further in their communities.

Noracta works on the premises of the poorest. Our common dream is to create a Haugian grass root movement among the poor churches in East Africa where pastors and members are freed from poverty to a dignified life in family, church, and in economic activities.

Educational Structure in Daraja La Tumaini.

Pastors Leadership Team

PLT is the leadership team of DLT and has seven members from seven different parts of the slums. They meet biweekly for one day training conference in Biblical Studies and Leadership. They discuss and decide programs and operation of DLT, determines strategy and mission matters and makes all decisions regarding the DLT.

Support Team

PLT is supported by the Support team of 5 members which is an advisory and supportive team covering everything from administrative support, access to outside resources, leadership, theological guidance and implementation expertise in all aspects of work.

Regional Team

Regional teams of up to 15 members are organized in 10 different regions of the slums. They meet one Saturday a month for fellowship, Bible studies, training for leadership, teaching, homiletics, health, economy and development. The goal is to spread the life and ideas of Hans Nielsen Hauge and his example and take up important issues and training which are helpful for the church members in the regions.

Joint Meetings

Three times a year all the members of the training teams are gathered together for a common meeting. This is a place for communications and discussions of visions, strategies and training in Biblical Studies and all the above mentioned topics. It is a gathering to strengthen the DLT identity, strength and breadth as a Haugian movement.