We create opportunities in Nairobi’s slums!

Noracta does development programs on the premises of the poor in the slums according to a model Hans Nielsen Hauge used 200 years ago in Norway. We take their own worldview seriously and therefore we combine education with spiritual and social support, economic assistance and capacity building. We give poor people in the slums opportunities to start their own businesses, schools etc. Small congregations develop to be both spiritual and practical fellowships of friends and hotbeds for economic development. The model which worked well for Hauge, seems to work also in Nairobi’s slums today, 200 years later.

The dream is to create a grassroots movement among the poor churches in East Africa where pastors and members are becoming free from poverty to a dignified life in family, church, and in economic activities.

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Noracta`s Partner Organizations

Noracta `s Partner Organizations
Noracta works with organizations that share our mission and support our business. The fact that an organization is “Partner” means that the organization has special strategic significance for Noracta `s purpose and that Noracta can raise funds for the work of common interest.

Hans Nielsen Hauge
Hans Nielsen Hauge:

The Hauge Institute is a resource and advocacy center for ethical thinking and practice in modern business, organizations, employment and education based on the legacy of Hans Nielsen Hauge. Based on the Hans Nielsen thinking and practice, the Hauge Institute will focus on the ethical dimension within three main areas: Leadership. Entrepreneurship and Trade and the Environment.

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Daraja La Tumaini DLT means “Bridge of Hope” and is a network of pastors and church leaders located in the poorest segments of the slums of Nairobi with volunteer resources.

You will find DLT’s vision, mission, values and strategy here.

Daraja La Tumaini is organizing Hauge Conferences in various villages in the slums. The manuscript for the presentation of Hauge can be found here.

Daraja La TumainiA Haugian Movement in Kenya. Click here.

Daraja Nia means “Bridge Intentions “. The company is registered as a “non profit” company in order to be a strategic partner for Noracta. The core business of `Daraja Nia (DN) is to assist the DLT and its partners in Kenya.

BereanSafari Institute:

Berean Safari (BS) is a leadership institute in East Africa, started by Eric Miller and is considered a very important partner for Daraja La Tumaini and Noracta. The organization is doing regular training of the leaders of the Daraja La Tumaini in bible study as well as Biblical leadership.
The last eleven years BereanSafari has invited to an International Bible study conference, for leaders from around the world. The conferences have been held in Kenya. BereanSafari Kenya aims to encourage and engage in leadership development through a deeper understanding of God through His Word.
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Plant a Tree is our most important partner in relation to our plant nurseries. Read more about Plant a Tree Click here.