Proud farmers in Kasarani


Proud farmers in Kasarani a couple of weeks ago. Linus who is one of the about 40 farmers seems to get a good harvest this season.  We pray and hope that no Massai nor any criminas will destroy for families this time

Crossroads conference 2013

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July 16 to 21 Noracta was present with a stand at the Crossroads conference (Korsvei Festival) in Seljord. This was a great experience with lots of good and meaningful encounters with people of all ages. We managed to present our work in many ways through our stand. To get in direct contact with so many great people gives great joy and inspiration in the work. It was particularly inspiring to meet such great interest in our work with Hans Nilsen Hauge values ​​in today’s Kenya. We thank Crossroad who gave us this opportunity and everyone who took the time to visit our stand in Seljord. We look back on the days at Crossroad with great gratitude and blessing in many ways.

Teachers training


Saturday, February 16th, 12 teachers and 5 school owners attended pedagogical training. The main topic of the day was simple teaching methods at low cost. This was a “how to do” course where everyone had to participate and test the methods. There was a lot of fun and laughter. The enthusiasm was great and motivation to win came fast forward when we played various math games. As one appropriately said, “In Norway, they are rich, but they make things so simple and understandable. We are poor and make things so complicated.” So perhaps this day brought a little more practical teaching into our schools. The focus that day was that the children learn with their whole body, both in reading, writing and arithmetic. Some of this we already saw during the school visits a week afterwards.

New regional groups

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It grows well in Nairobi’s slums. The legacy of Hauge spreads so that more people are sharing in the work and the vision. The last two years we have grown from 7 to 12 regional training groups at 12 different locations in the slums. These regional groups are the core of our work. They meet monthly to study the Bible and other relevant topics. This is where the daily work runs with all its joys and challenges. We therefore see this growth as a major and important growth in the work.

Merry Christmas


We wish all our supporters a Merry Christmas and a blessed year in 2013.

Hans Nilsen Hauge an Example of Empowerment

Hauge bok web.

Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824) was a farmers son from Norway. He is by many known as a travelling preacher who spent ten years in jail due to a law which prohibited ordinary people from preaching in public. Less known is his tremendous impact on his contemporary society. In Hauges footsteps  the Haugian society of friends developed both spiritually and economically, thus they gradually influenced whatever environment they were part of.

During his career, Hauge laid a foundation for many in Norway to begin thinking and acting independently. In this way, he brought down official authoritarianism, and laid the foundation for Norwegian democracy and parliamentarianism. In a time charactarized by inequity and economic pverty, he became an influential leader who bravely pointed out the unfairness in his society, even though it meant a clash with those in authority. This was something he could only do because he was also certain that he was called to a God-given task.


In the book Sigbjørn Ravnåsen is providing an overview of Hans Nielsen Hauges life and ethical thinking that will shed light upon the question of how an ordinary farmers son became one of the most influtential leaders of his time. He is convinced that this example can provide valuable insight also for the challenges of our times.

Safari in Kenya


Kenya has a lot to offer. We all have a relationship to Africa’s many animals in one way or another. Whether it is through the great nature photographers, or it is through Torbjørn Egner and other litterature experiences. A little taste of what a safari in Kenya offers you can see here.