Teachers training


Saturday, February 16th, 12 teachers and 5 school owners attended pedagogical training. The main topic of the day was simple teaching methods at low cost. This was a “how to do” course where everyone had to participate and test the methods. There was a lot of fun and laughter. The enthusiasm was great and motivation to win came fast forward when we played various math games. As one appropriately said, “In Norway, they are rich, but they make things so simple and understandable. We are poor and make things so complicated.” So perhaps this day brought a little more practical teaching into our schools. The focus that day was that the children learn with their whole body, both in reading, writing and arithmetic. Some of this we already saw during the school visits a week afterwards.

School video


.Would you like to have a small view of our schools and what the surrounding neighborhoods may look like? You can take a look at this little video clip. It was originally designed for a different forum, so the end is somewhat unconventional. If you will have a look. Click here

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