Flowing water in the taps


Finally came flowing water in the taps in Kaputei. After nearly 16 months with funding,
engineering, drilling and fitting, it was party time. Sunday 10th February was a great feast for the Maasai living around Kaputei. The day, as for many signifies the end of long water rides and hard toil for their daily water to 700 people and 3000 animals. For us it was the end of a water project, which was the beginning of a new era in their life. No wonder it was a thanksgiving service lasting for many hours. The service was ended with the official opening and commissioning of the well. Some small adjustments remain until completion of the work. But February 10, 2013 was a historic day for many. The water flowing in taps and some tears of joy also flowed this day. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project. The Maasai were dancing for you.
You can see a short video from the project by clicking here.

Video from the project. Click hear