Because the poorest deserve the best

We cannot comprehend the extent of how it is to live the whole life in the slums since most of us have not experienced it. To visit one or more slum areas gives us only a tiny little picture of life, but through the people who live where we can sense something of what it is like.

Our money get increased value and reach far in Kenya. A crown ice cream in Norway is enough for a schoolbook in English in Kenya. By sharing some of our wealth with some of the worlds poorest you give individuals an opportunity to slowly climb out of poverty.

By the help of regular donors the economy of Noracta becomes more predictable, which makes planning and progress easier for us.

Noracta have a main account for general donations, and a school account for earmarked donations for school work. The main account covers everything except the school work. Schools are run as regular schools in Kenya. By having a separate account for the schools, we want to present an earmarked “children helping children” project for direct donations from among others, schools in Norway.

If  you live outside Norway and want to make a donation to Noracta, you can use one of the two following accounts:
Noracta, general gift: 5082 07 56220
Shool project:  1503 2328366

If you want to be a regular donor, please send an e-mail to: