Developing a school chain

Hauge Education Centers, our school chain, will give the poor a chance to get an education.

In this way we give kids a chance to get out of poverty in the long term. We want to build a school chain with many Hauge schools. The schools are based on Hauge’s values, in addition to the official Kenyan curriculum. To create unity in the school chain, we focus on some joint sessions for school owners and teachers, where it can build a common platform based on the Hauge values.

The start of a fairytale

The newsletter of Dec 2010 presented a call for support to school work in the slums. The teachers and pupils in the 5th and 6 grade at Østensjø school in Oslo took this challenge. The reason for our engagement was that one of the teachers had visited one of the churches in Kibera that summer and seen the simple material they had in the school. When students and colleagues saw pictures and videos from the slums the desire to do something concrete was sown. They made a “Children helping children” project focusing on children in the slums in different ways. In addition to the pupils on their own initiative, selling coffee, muffins / buns etc. in the area, they created a secondhand book market at school. All in all the pupils raised NOK 31 000 for school supplies. Many of the pupils also gave away crayons, pencils and other materials that could be brought to Nairobi when the teacher went back in February 2011, a very welcome gift to the schools.

This was the start of what is now the Hauge Education Centers. We started with four schools in February 2011 but already new schools have joined the network. The goal is many small and nearby schools where the children live..

Education is a long term project.

Kenya’s president said in 2011 on Norwegian television that the fastest and safest way out of poverty is through education. In other words, there is no shortcut to combat poverty. But through the long-term strategic work we have an opportunity to help some out of abject poverty.

We must never lose faith that change can take place. From experience, we see that it happens a lot where people get training and challenge to create their own future.

Hauge Education Center is a part of the children’s possibility to create their future and fulfill their dreams.