A water project taking shape.

A small Masai village is in need of water in the dry season for people and animals. 500-600 people and 2000-3000 animals need water.

As it is now they have to walk 7 km to find water. This means that many animals die during the dry season, which in turn leads to a difficult economic situation where food and income disappears.

With a solar-powered water system to about 170-180 000 NOK the life for these people will change radically.

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Vital water

Clean water is essential for human survival. Most of us take clean water, and plenty of water for granted. We let the water run so that it either gets hot enough or cold enough. Water is scarce most of the year in many parts of the world, and especially clean water. Lack of water causes major health problems and high child mortality in many areas. Lack of water to plants and animals produces meager crops and little food. Ensuring stable water supply will significantly improve livelihood and life will be easier for many people.

A daily water tour

A woman in Kaputei may go 7-10 kilometers each way to find a bucket of water. This takes several hours in the heat. When she comes home her children expect clean water. They ask for water because they are thirsty, but they will not have enough to drink since the water must reach for everyone. One woman told that the kids have to share one glass of water so the water can last until she has to pick water again the next day.

By putting in place one functional water facility the women in this village will have an easier life and conditions for humans and animals will be radically changed.